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Install Tor browser on kali linux

tor browser what is ?

Tor Browser Bundle is a software package that includes a web browser based on Firefox ESR, pre-configured to protect users' privacy and anonymity on the web. it also includes and the Vidalia Control pannel, a cross-platform GUI for controlling Tor. The browser is a free repackaged version of the bundled Tor Software. The program allows the end user to connect to the Tor anonymity network. It's available for OS X, Microsoft Windows and Linux.

  • Install tor browser on kali linux with a script

Download script

 Assign execute permission to the named script " tor"

chmod +x tor

  • execute script: Press any key to continue whenever requested

  • Browser configuration
        Edit-> Preferences -> Advanced-> Network-> settings

  • Add  : : 9050  in   SOCKS host  field 

    • ExĂ©cute Vidalia : Applications–>internet–>Vidalia

      • VĂ©rification :        

      • French tutorial 

        video tutorial french

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